Standing Out to Store Owners & On Store Shelves

Standing Out to Store Owners & On Store Shelves


One Mill Co Workbooks are soulful, actionable guides on key business topics for makers, artists, and designers. Workbook #2 is coauthored with Mary Claire from Falling Into Place so every word is battle-tested from her experience creating a candle line AND running a store.

With this Workbook you will:

  • Master 5 key areas to stand out to stores

  • Do the simple things to get re-orders from shops

  • Know where to invest in branding and where to skimp

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What’s in the Workbook:

  • 5 key areas to master to stand out to stores.
  • Checklist for putting your best foot forward with shops.
  • What buyers won’t tolerate from new lines
  • Behind-the-scenes successes and failures from Mary Claire’s candle launch
  • Tips for packaging and branding that sells like hotcakes
  • 5 things to include in the box with every wholesale order.
  • Surprising but simple things that might be limiting your wholesale orders


Handmade Print Workbook Details:

  • 8.5x11 24-page workbook on luxurious 60-lb text paper with kraft covers
  • Hand saddle-stitched workbook with red waxed linen thread
  • Tear-out 2-Week Store Standout Planner
  • Tear-out Store Standout Checklist
  • Tear-out Inspiration Quote page
  • Designed, printed, and handbound in the US
  • Gorgeous, handbound, tactile workbook that you can come back to again and again

eBook Details:

  • Beautifully designed PDF eBook for reading on the computer or e-reader
  • Printable Store Standout Checklist
  • Printable Inspiration Quote page


About One Mill Co Workbooks

One Mill Co helps makers, artists, and designers grow thriving businesses. Our Workbooks are action-oriented guides on key business topics for makers, artists, and designers who want to grow in ways that are authentic to them.

Part dispatch from the front lines, part inspiration, and part DIY creative retreat — the workbooks are 10-15 page guides to finding your own path forward. Like any good teacher, we help you find your own answers for your own situation, rather than telling you the advice that worked for us (but might not apply for you.)

Every workbook is coauthored by Emily of One Mill Co, alongside a maker running a successful, gorgeous creative business. Every workbook has a streamlined process you can follow to work through the topic in your business, simple worksheets you can use to take action today, and hangable inspiration quotes to keep you on track when you lose momentum a week or a year from now.


About This Workbook

If you have a line of products — whether you’re a maker, artist, or a designer — you probably want your product in more stores.

Maybe you have your line in a couple of local shops and you want to grow to dozens of stores across the country. Maybe you are already in 100+ stores but want to refine your approach so you can double that. Or maybe you’ve only dreamed of being in beautiful shops and have yet to make the leap to wholesale. 

At any of those stages, it can be really hard to know how to stand out more to store owners and on store shelves. Some of what you’re doing is working and some of it isn’t. But there is so much conflicting advice that it can feel impossible to discern what is actually going to help your line be in more stores, and sell more once you’re on the shelves.

There’s probably no one more qualified to give pointers on the best ways to stand out to store owners and on store shelves than Mary Claire White. Mary Claire is a shop owner and a maker. She has a degree in PR. She’s had not one but two candle lines. And she is a huge advocate for makers. She has the heart of a teacher and she’s both no-nonsense and very generous in sharing everything she knows, without guarding her secrets. As someone who is actively on “both sides of the table,” she can empathize with makers’ perspectives but lives the life of a store owner, day to day. She’s known for her openness and leadership in the space.

This guide is for you if you:

  • Have a few store accounts but really want to grow wholesale
  • Don’t have the time or energy to be making a ton of mistakes along the way.
  • Are tired of one-off orders from shops and want to cultivate long-term store relationships
  • Want to invest in your packaging and branding but still be frugal.