Launching New Products Without Losing Your Shirt or Your Mind

Launching New Products Without Losing Your Shirt or Your Mind


One Mill Co Workbooks are soulful, actionable guides on key business topics for makers, artists, and designers. Workbook #1 is coauthored with Leela from Native Bear so every word is battle-tested from her experience launching new products and growing her line.

With this Workbook you will:

  • Make new products that really sell

  • Start launching ASAP, even with little or no budget

  • Grow your wholesale by reaching new markets

  • Set prices to not lose money or customers

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What’s in the Workbook:

  • 4 key criteria for picking a new product.
  • Simple ways to know if your product will sell.
  • 12 common mistakes to avoid in launching new products.
  • Step-by-step process to create profitable, budget-friendly products.
  • Methods for overcoming fear and “stuckness”.
  • Concrete tips for launching new products in just days.
  • How to avoid “crickets” at launch time and set yourself up for runaway sales.
  • Practical advice from a maker who’s seen it all before.


      "I like to read in the backyard in the morning before I start my day. Something like this feels special to sit down and read. It’s such an encouraging tone. " — A in Massachusetts


      Handmade Print Workbook Details:

      • 8.5x11 16-page workbook on luxurious 60-lb text paper with kraft covers
      • Hand saddle-stitched workbook with red waxed linen thread
      • Tear-out Product Planner Page
      • Tear-out Inspiration Quote page
      • Designed, printed, and handbound in the US
      • Gorgeous, handbound, tactile workbook that you can come back to again and again


      "I really liked having a real thing to hold. I like having something I can take upstairs to the living room with me and back down to the studio." — C in Oregon


      eBook Details:

      • Beautifully designed PDF eBook for reading on the computer or e-reader
      • Printable Product Planner Page
      • Printable Inspirational Quote page


      "I sat down and read it as soon as I got it. I really appreciated the advice!" — L in Tennessee


      About One Mill Co Workbooks

      One Mill Co helps makers, artists, and designers grow thriving businesses. Our Workbooks are action-oriented guides on key business topics for makers, artists, and designers who want to grow in ways that are authentic to them.

      Part dispatch from the front lines, part inspiration, and part DIY creative retreat — the workbooks are 10-15 page guides to finding your own path forward. Like any good teacher, we help you find your own answers for your own situation, rather than telling you the advice that worked for us (but might not apply for you.)

      Every workbook is coauthored by Emily of One Mill Co, alongside a maker running a successful, gorgeous creative business. Every workbook has a streamlined process you can follow to work through the topic in your business, simple worksheets you can use to take action today, and hangable inspiration quotes to keep you on track when you lose momentum a week or a year from now.


      About This Workbook

      In my work with our makers at Wholesale In a Box, I’ve seen people struggle with the ins and outs of launching new products. Sometimes folks have tremendous perspective and skill as an artist but have been struggling for years, trying to sell art prints to stores that seem not to want them. Other times, makers will be paralyzed with their line — finding themselves selling products they no longer love but can’t seem to move beyond, because they feel they don’t have the cash or time to launch new things. And in still other cases, makers are adding so many new products, so frequently, that they never really dig into the meat of selling them, and they get both exhausted and poor, very fast.

      This guide is for you if you:

      • Don’t have a big budget but still want to launch new things.
      • Want your products to align with your values and aesthetic.
      • Already have a few products that are successful, a few duds, and get a little spark of curiosity when you think about adding products to your line. 

      This isn’t about adding new products for the sake of it — because more is not always better. This is about allowing your line to grow in the ways that will cultivate your creative flow and your cashflow most powerfully.

      In this workbook, you’ll learn a process you can use anytime you want to grow your business, tap into your creative energy, and launch some new things. It works whether you made $1000 last year or $100,000. And it’s simple enough that you can start today.