Our Manifesto.


You don’t need advice.

The answers you have are the ones you need. You may not know the whole plan, but you probably know the next right thing to do. And if you keep doing the next right thing, you'll get where you're trying to go.


If you run a business, you are a businessperson.

You’re more creative and more logical than you think. You are not too sensitive, too disorganized, or too lazy. You don’t need to think you’re bad at sales. Sales is about connection and story-telling. You don’t need to think you’re bad at numbers. Numbers are about energy and flow and the art of noticing. You don’t need to think you’re bad at starting. You’ve started over and over again.


Any skill you need can be learned.

Business management and entrepreneurship are learned techniques, like making scrambled eggs. You have learned so many things and you can learn others. You didn’t know how to season a pot or water a plant or hold a baby or make a print or write an email before. You learned the mechanics of your care and your art and you can learn the mechanics of your business. Business tools are like woodworking tools. They take a little effort to acquire but once you have them, you can use them to make whatever you want.


Your business will tell you what it wants if you listen.

Just like your body will tell you what it wants if you listen. Your listening will change you. 


There is more where that came from. 

(To paraphrase Marie Forleo.) There are more ideas. There’s more money. There is more time. The better we all do, the better we all do. 


You can make your business the same way you make everything else.

By focusing, wandering, listening, experimenting. By getting dirt under your fingernails and forgetting to care what anyone else thinks. You don’t need to fake it until you make it. You don’t need to be more practical. Your desk doesn’t need to be clean before you start. You can try things that don’t work. And you probably don’t need a certification, a permission slip, a new jacket, a loan, or a mentor. You can just make what you know how to make. 


You can take the brakes off now.

There are things you are doing that hold yourself back. You can take the brakes off now. You can learn to work when you are afraid and unsure. You can start smaller than you think. You can grow bigger thank you think. Growing is uncomfortable. And comfort is important, but it’s not the only important thing.


Money needs your care.

Money is like paint or wheat or fabric or gardens. It needs care, an organized place to put it, and a soft hand. It needs to be used and tended to. You are responsible for your own money in the same way you are responsible for your own body. Your body, your rules. Your money, your rules. A pedicure can go a long way.


How you do it is what you get.

If it feels wrong, it probably is. If it feels scary, it may be right. If it it opens up your world, it is usually the way forward. You can just stop if it's not right anymore. Acting honestly and fairly is always the smart business decision. 


We remove obstacles.

Our job at One Mill Co is to remove the obstacles to your business thriving, at the right size, in the right ways -- for you, your community, and your customers. The tools we make help you find your own wisdom, answer your own questions, and make what you were born to make.