About Us.

Who we are

One Mill Co is a small company run by Emily Kerr-Finell. We make workbooks and tools and provide coaching for creative business owners.

Emily is an entrepreneur, consultant, and facilitator. An Unreasonable Institute Fellow, her work has been featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Latina Magazine.

Previously, she was Founder & CEO of Liga Masiva, a "global farmers' market" connecting organic farmers in Latin America directly to consumers in the US (and doubling farmer incomes in the process.) She's also led ICWES, an intercultural women’s leadership coalition, launched a program that increased Food Stamp usage at NYC farmers' markets by 500%, and helped optimize operations at the largest low-income mortgage servicer in the world. 


Why we're called One Mill Co

Farmers used to take their wheat to one mill in the village to get it ready to sell. That one mill is where the miller helped you with the process, you used the tool you needed to process your wheat, and even connected with other artisans/farmers. For the creative businesspeople we serve, we're that "one mill" -- providing tools, expertise, and support to help get what you make ready to sell and out to the people it will nourish. 


What we make

  • Wholesale In a Box. A subscription service that helps makers, artists, and designers get their handmade products into brick-and-mortar stores. It's handpicked store leads, an online method and tool to manage outreach to those stores, and business coaching and support to make outreach effective.
  • Workbooks. Soulful, beautiful guides for makers to tap into their wisdom about everything from launching new products to productivity to making your products stand out on store shelves.
  • Coaching. Offering coaching sessions for creative business owners so that you can address specific needs as your business evolves.